Leigh Ann Northcutt

Welcome to my front porch. Sit down and take a load off. If you are experienced in porch swinging, are a lover of relaxed conversation or have even a tiny bit of Kentucky in your bloodline, go ahead and kick off your shoes. You and I both know you want to.

If you have come to check up on me and my family, settle in. Because, as much as I would like us to be normal, our stories of absurdity go on and on. Peer through the window and you will see our personal brand of pandemonium. Or you can read the stories by clicking here.

If you are here to see what God looks like from my swing, then lean back and rest yourself for awhile. Gaze out across the farm until the sun colors Him into the sky. To read about what I think when I see Him, click here.

It doesn’t matter why you are here. I’m glad you came. I would love to share my view with you. Next time, stop by the store on your way over and grab us both a Diet Coke.