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My Personal Pandemonium

Sometimes laughter is the only means of survival!


My First Applause

My grandparents were my best audience.  Always.

Linda Leigh (my namesake) and J.O. Vincent were my mother’s parents.  In my mind, J.O. was a jovial giant kind of man.  He wasn’t overweight and he wasn’t unusually tall.  But he was

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The Cat and His Boy

My husband rescued our cat, Pete, from the animal shelter in the Summer of 1997 and put him in our barn to control the mouse population.  Pete stayed there for about 15 minutes and then, with an unhurried gait, he

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The Kids We Lost

Those of you who know my husband and I know that we tend to lose our children.  It’s not that we aren’t good parents.  We are very good parents.  We just misplace our kids.  We routinely leave them places.  By …

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Keeping up Caitlyn Jenner

I spent time this week standing in Walmart catching up on all that is important in the world.  We all have to gather our information about global events somewhere.  The President has the Daily Briefing written by the Director of …

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Calling All Mothers

When I was a child, the members of my family shared a telephone.  It was a large, beige phone with a rotary dial that cradled a handheld receiver and it sat on a table in our family room.

It was …

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Reflections of a Mental Marathoner

I am a daughter of the South.

Not the current South of Paula Deen, Duck Dynasty and (Lord, love her) Honey Boo Boo.  I’m talking about the South that belonged to my grandparents . . . the South where the …

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