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The Curse of Sin, It Is a Blessing

People around me have been talking about sin a lot lately, trying to identify it, working to avoid it.  What a terrible waste of time for the redeemed.  Easter beckons us to look beyond.

This is a compilation of three

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A few years ago, on another blog site, I wrote a series of posts titled, “When I Get To Heaven . . . “.  Some of them were funny.  Some of them were not.

(Well, . . . okay .


When I Get to Heaven . . .

This is my week to sit on my porch swing and tell you about my God thoughts.  However, I am not in my swing this week.  I am in Florida.  Although, He is here with me, the beach and the

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The Parable of the Best Cartoon Mother

I took a Facebook quiz this week to see which Disney mother I am most like.   A Disney illustrated computer program analyzed my answers and determined that I am most like Sarabi, the mother lion in “The Lion King”.  


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