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My Personal Pandemonium

Sometimes laughter is the only means of survival!


Who Knew What “I Do” Would Do?

In May, my husband and I will have celebrated, achieved, accomplished, persevered, survived, endured 32 years of marriage. (Insert the verb that best describes your marital experience. Frankly, they all fit mine.)

I have spent some time thinking about all …

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I’m Just SAD

After experiencing several weeks of general lethargy and sluggishness brought on by a lack of energy that borders on acute blah-nemia, I researched my symptoms on the internet. Its seems that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a chronic condition …

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Me and James

I’m confessing to all of you that there is another man in my life. He comes to my house early in the morning after Greg has gone to work. He is dressed in his uniform and I meet him at …

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Running Away With Alz

Recently, The Today Show did a segment about Alzheimer’s Disease. A specialist in the field said normal aging can cause a person to temporarily forget a word but she should eventually be able to recall it. The effects of Alzheimer’s …

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