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Rethinking Well-proportioned

All women know that the female X chromosome comes with an “I hate the way I look!” gene superglued to its molecular structure?

As a young woman, I was unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. I thought the …

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Micah Becomes a Man

Tomorrow, my son, Micah, graduates from college and prepares to take on the world as an adult . . . as a man.

Let’s see . . .

Desperate need for attention and affection?


Primarily views life as a …

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Finding Waldo, The Redneck Version

Evidently, my husband’s and my sons’ lawn care plan for the year is to spend the summer mowing around all the crap in our yard. That means that if, please Lord, they were to ever move it, there would be …

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Cool Counts

My almost-teen daughter, who used to think that I was the bestest, smartest person in her world, spent some time last week hanging out with three other almost-teens.

Coincidentally, I was much dumber that day . . . and way …

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May, 2011 – My Final School Report

Tessa has nearly completed her first year of middle school and I have yet to bake a cupcake, decorate a bulletin board or shelve a library book.

And, the 2012 science fair has come and gone without a Northcutt entry …

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The Peter Conundrum

As I prepare to watch Peter play basketball in the regional tournament and as I contemplate the fact that last year, he and his teammates won the regional tournament and went on to play in the state tournament on the …

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